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Individual Services

Your life changes and so does your financial picture. No matter how you live your life—whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed … with or without children … renter, homeowner, or multiple-homeowner … working, retired, or living on a trust fund—it’s absolutely essential to be financially organized, educated, and prepared.

We are here to support you on life’s journey, wherever it may take you. You’ll learn the best, fastest, and easiest way to organize, consolidate, and simplify your personal finances; we’ll also advise you on a range of other personal matters, from insurance, investment, and tax issues to the secure storage of irreplaceable photos, and documents. Using the most secure online technology, we’ll help you plan for your tomorrow—and enjoy your today.

We offer the following individual services and more:

Unlocking Potential

Family Office Services

Financial Planning

Investment Advisory Services

Insurance Consulting and Placement

Personal income, estate, and succession planning

It all adds up.

Personal Tax Preparation

Tax projections & planning (including calculation of the lowest required quarterly estimated tax payments)

Other tax returns as appropriate (gift, estate, trust, private foundation)

Our Strength, Your Numbers

Budget and Finance Management

QuickBooks ® software solutions and training

Personal Financial Statement Preparation

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