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The bottom line?

To have a sustainable business you need profit, growth and a competent team. The line from start-up to success is not always straight. We are committed to helping your small business adapt to those ups and downs. Together we will tackle every stage of your business life cycle from start-up to expansion, to sale or transition of business to new ownership, and every step in between.

Here’s a look at some of the many services we provide:

Unlocking Potential

Financial analysis (ratios, forecasts, budgets)

Cash flow projections & improvement techniques

Capital expenditure decision analysis (including lease vs. buy and buy vs. build)

Accounts receivable management

Accounts payable management

Internal controls

Risk management process optimization

Accounting policy preparation/review Training for internal accounting/tax personnel

Tax projections & planning (including calculation of the lowest required quarterly estimated tax payments)

Tax audit guidance and assistance

Sales & use tax reviews

Cost segregation studies

Personal income, estate, and succession planning

It all adds up.

Corporate and partnership income tax returns

Individual income tax returns

Multi-state tax reporting

Non-profit tax returns

Personal property returns (including manufacturing personal and real property returns)

Sales & use tax returns

Other tax returns as appropriate (gift, estate, private foundation, unrelated business income)

Information reporting returns (Forms 1099, 1096)

Our Strength, Your Numbers

Compiled or reviewed financial statements

Financial statement and general ledger clean-up and reconstruction

QuickBooks ® software solutions and training

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