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Author: Kristine M. Goebel
July 27, 2017

Typically, you lose them long before they quit. But why?

Your best employees have options other than you,
That may be hard to swallow, but it’s true,
It’s likely that they know it, too.

- K Goebel


work timeTIME.

AVAILABILITY: I bet you have some employees that are always available, even outside of their normal working hours.  Try not to take advantage of that.  Be aware of the time you decide to call and encourage them to shut their email off at a reasonable hour.   If they’re emailing you at 2 AM, ask them why.  They shouldn’t be losing sleep because of job stress.  That’s a recipe for burnout.

TIME OFF: Does your staff feel so much pressure to get work done that they forgo some of their earned paid time off?  Yes, they’re somewhat responsible for that, but you can mandate that it be used.  Please, whatever you do, don’t contact them when they’re using it.  It will turn their focus from a well-needed retreat to a stress filled – no fun vacation.  Their focus will be on you and not them or their family. 



COMPLIMENTS: Let a compliment be a compliment.  Sometimes we try to lighten the blow of criticism with a nice compliment, which is ok to do.  However, if you really want to compliment someone, and you want it to have meaning, let that be its own conversation.  Give them the opportunity to enjoy it!

REWARDS:  Rewards should be unique to the individual. For some it's monetary, for others it could be simply helping them achieve a personal goal. Find out from your team how and when they like to be recognized for a job well-done!  What I mean by that is, maybe they're an introvert at heart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want private recognition. Ask them.  Find out what is it that drives them and incorporate that into their rewards.  


Equality  EQUALITY.

FAIRNESS: Don’t let fairness give way to sameness.  People are different, their unique gifts make them an asset.  If you treat everyone the same, you will lose out on seeing what your best employees have to offer and what they’re passionate about. 

CONFLICT: Do you struggle dealing with conflict?  You’re not alone!  Many leaders do.  However, it is a critical part of leading a company to success.  Swift action by your leadership team to help the underperformers adjust their behavior and get training is key.  Disciplinary action should never be broadcasted, don’t get me wrong, just don’t sweep it under the rug.  These problems do not fix themselves.   Your best employees notice when poor behavior and poor performance go unaddressed.   This frustrates and disengages your top teammates.


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Kristine Goebel is the Director of Operations for Lindsay, Crabb and Associates and Lindsay Financial Services.
At The Rethink Collaborative, she serves our clients, and others across the nation, as their business coach.

Hear it from a client’s perspective:
“Kristine helped us identify the source of our problems and created a plan for us to work on to create a more efficient workflow… Since then we have better communication with each other, put in place tiers of management, incorporated different behavioral analysis as part of hiring process, and are continuing to do executive coaching with our higher level executives. We appreciate all she’s done and is continuing to do for our team.”
      - Darren York, Dataline Systems, Inc


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